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One Reader Replied

Just finished ‘Xanos’ and  as I was reading the last few pages, when Rodino  leaves Helen and heads out on his own once again, my husband Phil was singing a song I have always loved and it seemed somehow fitting to share it with you.  It’s called:

 “Killing the Blues”

‘And then you’ve asked me…just to leave you
To set out on my own
And get what I needed
You want me to find what I’ve already had.
Somebody said they said they saw me, swinging the world by the tail
Bouncing over the white cloud, killing the blues.
killing the blues

Isn’t that Wonderful

“You want me to find what I’ve already had.” I search for love and somewhere along the way admit that all of love is the same. Perfect. It may come in different wrapping; some with the string attached; other with the box split open, but it is all perfect. It is warm and comforting; it is exciting and risky; it is you and it is me.

Rodino Searches for a Home

He is  “wind energy” and home is “earth energy”. Wind is like the butterfly, always flitting to another bright stigma. Earth is like the beaver, afloat or on land always home; the tortoise carries his home, and the leopard patrols the risen earth and lives between the shadow of the rocks.

Home is the Sanctuary of the Caring

Home is clean; loving; open to creative expression; non judgmental; home is comfortable and secure; and above all else home is a partnership between you and me, never alone.

Rodino finds himself pushed from one experience to the next, always moved on, reflecting on those who invited him in, but could not share their space with him; and those who turned him away, taking what he had to give, sometimes sucking him dry.

Then Something Happens

Love too moves on. It is not lost. It is not meaningless. It too seeks a new home. In the story of Rodino “Son of Xanos” moves, despite himself, to a place where he belongs. He may not like it and he may not have chosen it, but his all-consuming purpose will come from this new place. If left to his own selfish desires he will never reach that place. Such would be the stagnation of a lost soul in which there is no space for love.

Go Rodino Go!

Listen to your guides and go to that place….we follow a few steps behind.



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