The Son of Xanos is the First to Rise

Felice arrives home late every night

Rodino finds the leftover foods wrapped in her satchel on the kitchen table where she had dropped it on arriving home and he is suspicious about the exotic bits and pieces he finds inside. His curiosity cannot be swallowed by a tasty chunk of feta and he schemes and plans and prepares himself until one evening he knows the time to act is now.

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When Are We Born?

For the bear to have her pups the winter must come


            and in the spring they emerge to give birth to our dreams.

            It is the image of the falling leaves.

            So the journey begins.

            And one day you may kill your dignity and

            the very next play with your children in the sun.

            There are many who follow that path.

            There are few who are one.

            Now, my son, tomorrow I will show you why you have come,

            but I cannot answer until the question has been asked.

            as told by Lee Begay from Crow Rock, Arizona Desert and recorded here in the Son of Xanos

Reference image:   the pubs