Son of Xanos

free download available

The Book will be on the shelf  July 2013

we are currently “stuck” on the cover design: the challenge is to pack all of that energy onto a 9×6 page

so hang on…hang in there

I can always mail you the newsletter which takes a passage from the book and explores it from another angle: ASK & RECEIVE

Rodino is the Protagonist

Born on the Isle of  Crete in the year 1937 the book opens when he is ten years old. The series follows his journey from the chaos of the Greek Civil War to the spiritual awareness of his life’s purpose.

“For the bear to have her pups the winter must come and in the spring they emerge to give birth to our dreams. It is the image of the falling leaves.”

So the journey begins.

Book One:  Home

Rodino sits on the corner of the goat enclosure, the tinkling of bells and angry snorts warn him to look lively; the time to go is now.

Come father, you promised, he raises his voice against the wind.

The goat-herd jostle each other around the gate expecting to be led out into the field and Big Billy, the dominant male, paws the ground demanding attention.

Wait Billy! Rodino snaps, banging his heels against the stone wall.


crete 5

This is Crete , the place of Rodino’s birth where sky touches earth and life erupts. Along this forsaken coast mankind burns insane in the twisted wreckage of his dreams.

Many years after the Greek Civil War an American soldier adopts Rodino and flies him to the United States for further education and a chance of a better life. But he struggles to adapt. His mountain ways are too ingrained and his spirit too wild. He collides with the norms of a society entrenched in the value of discipline and conformity. He falls behind and eventually drops out of all formal education.

Outwardly aspiring to the lifestyle of a modern young man; happily married and building his castle of security and comfort, Rodino remains trapped in his formative years as a goat-herd on the Isle of Crete and remains, Rodino, the Son of Xanos.


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