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email me for the file and I will reply same day. I promise to delete your email address UNLESS you want to be added to the newsletter list for excerpts and data on the next book in the Son of Xanos series.

contact me & let me know

If you are curious about My Blog  

I write about my daily experiences and current challenges in various categories. I use the word “challenge” deliberately. There is something happening to me which I am not altogether proud of or comfortable with. I used to be so positive and colorful. But I am changing….to understand this I suggest you follow my free thoughts and challenging categories.

Google maps

Klein Erin Farm, Askham 200 kilometers north of Upington, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Bring your lunch and visit me on site. I have a blanket and a pillow and two inches of foam for the ground. The rest of our comfort is in the talk and sharing. There are trees otherwise just sand.

Warn me of your arrival so that I can prepare the squirrels for the increase of movement and noise…..especially raucous laughter.

Ha! I wish!

Aerial view of Upington's Central Business Dis...

Upington (credit: Wikipedia)

English: Map of South Africa, with provinces, ...

Map of South Africa (Wikipedia)


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