The Four Book Series

“Son of Xanos” is a four book series:

Book One:                  Son of Xanos

Book Two:                  Going Wild

Book Three:              Wild

Book Four:                Song of the Desert

I write fiction drama

I base the story line of each book on a question inviting you to take…

one step inward in time

The “Son of Xanos” series blends fiction and lore where the “fiction” of the story is make-believe and the “lore” is the ancient knowledge. In all tribes specific traditions pass from one generation to the next either orally or in a written form.


all books available at the Independent Author Network

Great Adventure stories abound in our cultural heritage

Gulliver’s Travels – Marco Polo – Davy Crockett – Edmond Hillary – Neil Armstrong – Mike Horn – and you.

now there is Rodino

But remember, Rodino was forced by circumstances to go on his journey. He is the outcast and through his experiences the legacy of the four books invites you to balance reality against the forces of fiction and lore.

This blog is about the knowledge Rodino leaves for us to enrich ourselves.

Explorers’ Through History

The Hall of Fame

Česky: Laputa z Gulliverových cest, ilustrace


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