Dancing with the Gypsies

Despite the Red Terror in the mountains of Greece

A man wearing an embroidered jacket and top hat plays a guitar and the sound of the music thrills Rodino to the core. He has never heard such joy and it reminds him of that night he spied on his mother and how the sound of her singing had filled his heart.

Nikos whispers to Rodino, these are gypsies, watch your back.

The guitar player looks directly at Rodino and with a great flourish shouts, welcome my friends. We love music and we love life and most of all we love to love. He allows his guitar to outplay his voice and all night the gypsy people sing and dance.

Rodino loves the magic of song and dance

The gypsies move from one reality to another and play-act through each song, the young and the old combining to tell a story without an argument about who should play the minor role and who the major. The story is the focus and they tell it in the most dramatic way imaginable.

Then a strange thing happens

During the storytelling Rodino is so completely immersed in his own imagination and does not notice the gypsy people standing back to leave him on his own, centre stage, wiggling in his skin as if possessed. He opens his eyes and sees that he is the only one dancing and stops in confusion.

That night Rodino and Nikos fall asleep on each other’s shoulders.

the archangel of Crete.

Kostas Mountakis sang at the village coffee shop

Kostas Mountakis

Kostas Mountakis

Woman at left is painter Suzanne Valadon



off to dance


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