The Son of Xanos is the First to Rise

Felice arrives home late every night

Rodino finds the leftover foods wrapped in her satchel on the kitchen table where she had dropped it on arriving home and he is suspicious about the exotic bits and pieces he finds inside. His curiosity cannot be swallowed by a tasty chunk of feta and he schemes and plans and prepares himself until one evening he knows the time to act is now.

The goats are all accounted

He straps the gate closed. Apolonia reads beside the stove. Maria sleeps and Rodino waits behind the wall. When Felice cycles off towards the village, he sprints after her keeping to the shadows and never running too close to make her turn should she hear his footsteps.

He follows her to Taverna Aspri Méra

Felice sings and dances as Rodino had never seen her before. She is beautiful and she is powerful. She moves seductively to the music and she moves the hearts of all the men crowding the tables and lining the walls. Captain Markos commands the biggest table and Nikolaos Zachadis sits alongside him. The place is jammed to the rafters with KKE communist soldiers and young Greek men, even the old man with yellow teeth sits on the floor looking up at Felice.

Felice sings:

Garífallo st’aftí (A carnation behind your ear) by Manos Hadjidakis and sung by  Agnes Baltsa.

And Rodino hears for the first time the stirring of his very own heart, and he fights to hold back the tears, biting his lip and even closing his eyes.

The sound never leaves him

He runs home and washes the sweat from his body under the tap in the vegetable garden. He lies down on his bed intending to wait for his mother and speak to her when she comes home, but he falls asleep and still the music plays in his ears.

He wakes with a start.

It is dawn, the sun only a grey slither across the horizon and Rodino hears voices in the kitchen. He slips into the kitchen and sees Captain Markos and Felice at the table sipping coffee and slicing cheese from a large slab….

….and from that moment on his life would never be the same.

excerpt from Son of Xanos, Crete

Architiello di San Felice

Architiello di San Felice (Photo credit: sun sand & sea)

Communist Party of Greece


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