Dancing with the Gypsies

Despite the Red Terror in the mountains of Greece

A man wearing an embroidered jacket and top hat plays a guitar and the sound of the music thrills Rodino to the core. He has never heard such joy and it reminds him of that night he spied on his mother and how the sound of her singing had filled his heart.

Nikos whispers to Rodino, these are gypsies, watch your back.

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I am a Soldier and I think as a Soldier

Commandant von Bleukum,

Fallschirmjägern Officer, Sphakia, Crete

He defended his actions by stating that:

On the day I ordered the burning of the houses, the war was turning against us. It was my decision to undermine the morale of the enemy, so I ordered the burning.


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The Son of Xanos is the First to Rise

Felice arrives home late every night

Rodino finds the leftover foods wrapped in her satchel on the kitchen table where she had dropped it on arriving home and he is suspicious about the exotic bits and pieces he finds inside. His curiosity cannot be swallowed by a tasty chunk of feta and he schemes and plans and prepares himself until one evening he knows the time to act is now.

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