Crossing over the Line

Rodino is Only Ten, but he Remembers

Pitre opens the front door and picks Rodino up and places him on the stool at the head of the table.

Eat son, he says, and eat well. The more food he pushes onto Rodino’s plate the more Rodino eats. It’s a miracle where all that food goes. Good, Pitre says, time to go, and he washes his hands in the sink and kisses Felice goodbye.

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When Are We Born?

For the bear to have her pups the winter must come


            and in the spring they emerge to give birth to our dreams.

            It is the image of the falling leaves.

            So the journey begins.

            And one day you may kill your dignity and

            the very next play with your children in the sun.

            There are many who follow that path.

            There are few who are one.

            Now, my son, tomorrow I will show you why you have come,

            but I cannot answer until the question has been asked.

            as told by Lee Begay from Crow Rock, Arizona Desert and recorded here in the Son of Xanos

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The Time is Now

Crete 1947

Rodino sits on the corner of the goat enclosure, the tinkling of bells and angry snorts warn him to look lively: the time to go is now.

He bangs his heels against the stone wall.Impatient and angry.

His father had warned him not to open the gate until he arrived, and now the sun stands three fingers above the horizon. He too hates waiting and the impatient scowl on his face is a deliberate mark of anger. He has seen his father look like that and he wants to be the same. Tough and smart and all grown up. He stands, lifting himself nimbly onto the balls of his feet, and holds his shoulders erect and proud, posing to his own shadow below him on the ground.

At ten years of age, Rodino is too young to know when the tears will come.

The Book

So begins the “Son of Xanos” book one in the four book series.

The Great Day of His Wrath

The Great Day of His Wrath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Rage of Achilles

The Rage of Achilles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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